Könnyített (500 kg) / Doughty T58100

Nettó ár: 4 400 Ft / db   Bruttó ár: 5 588 Ft / db
Cikkszám: T58100
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Termék leírása

The Lightweight Half Coupler is the Basis of the range of Lightweight Doughty Clamps.
This Clamp has a slotted base to captivate an M12 Nut or Bolt enabling users to create fixings suited to their own individual requirements.
Manufactured from high tensile Aluminium Extrusion.
Available in Black or Polished Aluminium.
SWL: 500 Kg
Tube Diameters: 48 to 51mm
Width: 50mm
Fixings: M12 Hole
Weight: 0.34 Kg