Sztenderd (750 kg) / Doughty T57203

Nettó ár: 47 660 Ft / db   Bruttó ár: 60 528 Ft / db
Cikkszám: T57203
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Termék leírása

A standard Doughty Clamp fitted with a Pink Eye. The Pink Eye is an articulated M12 Eye Nut with a SWL of 750Kg. It is manufactured from high tensile forged materials and annealed. This product is 100% electromagnetic crack detected in accordance with EN 1677-1.
Unlike standard Eye Nuts, the Pink Eye can be used in unfavourable load directions (not permissible for DIN 580).

SWL: 750Kg
Tuber Diameters: 48 - 51mm
Width: 50mm
Weight: 0.90Kg